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odd google results


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8 month(s) ago
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Hello apologies if this question is incredibly basic. I am wondering why a google search for my site returns this: MATTHEW SCHRADER : MATTHEW SCHRADER
followed by image titles from my site (as they are saved).

I would like to clean up the response so that it simply says my name once and maybe not list file titles. Thanks for any thoughts, I am at a very basic level with all of this! here is my site

8 month(s) ago
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Hi Matthew,
Google is some how tricky to work with from time to time, so there is no easy answer to your question. Google takes a look at your site, and then indexes the content what it thinks is best suited for a search result. This content is than displayed to you and me when searching for eg. your name. My search for your name actually returns just: MATTHEW SCHRADER : ***
This is a correct return, since this is the name that you have called your website. Here my search result string:…

The image titles from your site are the first thing on your "startpage/homepage", so Google index that and returns that as the result. When you would change the images with text, it would display the text instead. I guess this is no option for you, since you want to show the images first.

Both the above things are called search engine optimization (SEO) and can be very hard to work with.

You have 2 options in my eyes.

1: You can update your indexhibit website to the newest version, where there are some basic SEO features enabled. Take a look in the forum for tutorials on how to update from one to another indexhibit version.

2: You can add some meta tags (HTML code snippets) to the index page template of your site. These meta tags tell Google what you site is about and Google can use them for indexing and displaying your website correctly in search results. This one is more tricky. If you don't have some basic knowledge about coding, HTML and website structure and filenames hard to work with. You can quickly fuck up your site when deleting og altering the wrong files. Just so you know it ;-)

You should focus on the following meta tags:

You can read more on meta tags here:…

Search the forum for info on how to add code to your website template.

Hope this helps you a little.


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