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Fatal error: video upload


Indexhibit version: Legacy
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5 month(s) ago
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After uploading a video to indexhibit and attaching a cover image to it, this fatal error message appears when I click on the thumbnail:
Fatal error: Call to a member function add_lib_js() on null in /home/ (DB user) / on line 144

I tried uploading the same video with different specs: 1080, 720, 480 and ultimately 400x224, but it gives me the same error every time. I have looked into the respective plugin.formats file, changed a couple of times the width and height of the function specifications, but the error persists.
It is strange that going directly to the video link, the video is played normally by the browser's player:…

Please help me to get at least an idea of what I should google since I am not a programmer...
Thank you!!

Vaska A
5 month(s) ago
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Upgrading your site would probably alleviate this problem.

5 month(s) ago
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Ok, thank you!

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