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Monday, 19 December 2016

There is more to say, but just to keep things short, Indexhibit v2.1 was just placed on the server. Download at the same old place.

What is it? Here is a quick recap of what's going on:

- updated to work with php7
- refresh of default theme (larger, clearer type)
- added mobile adaptive format
- added ability to use email for login
- added Slideshow format
- added plugin for changing max image size upload
- fixed password retrieval system
- fixed uploader (divs) issue
- fixed overlay
- fixed youtube plugin
- changed youtube.gif to yt.gif very weird chrome bug
- updated/changed default thumbnail sizes
- updated/changed default image sizes
- https ready
- removed annoying sleep functions (sorry)

The biggest things on the list would be that it works on PHP7, addition of a mobile theme and jiggering of the login system.

The mobile theme works in addition to whatever theme you are using. Simply enable it in Admin > Plugins and it will work. This is not a responsive theme - it will only work on your phone and uses a particular exhibit format (Mobile) for display. You can edit each of them separately.

The login system has always been a pain. It worked and then didn't work and then it worked again and it worked on some servers and then it didn't. I took it apart, found a good helper library to help and it seems good now. There will still be some servers where for security reasons it will not work - this is where the Password Reset Script (found in Plugins on our site) is still relevant. Let's hope this works even 75% of the time now because I get alot of email about this unfortunately.

I'm trying to put together a set of files for updating existing Indexhibit sites - give me a day to put this together. If you find any issues please email support [at] indexhibit [dot] org. I'll try to do what I can to help.

I have years worth of material sitting around in various folders - and I keep discovering more. I'm probably going to slowly start releasing them via my own website since all of this is supposed to be fun for me to do - not everything I do is specifically for Indexhibit. I'll post more about this when I'm ready to play.


PS: Special thanks to Paul Schreiber and Lukasz Mordawski for helping out with the PHP7 update.

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