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Friday, 30 December 2016

Happy New Year!

If you've already read the standard update tutorial you know that you simply need to update the files in the /ndxzstudio folder and the site will be mostly good. But, with v2.1 you do need to go a bit further because PHP had some updgrades to how code was to be written. Without updating all of your exhibit format and plugin files in /ndxzsite/plugin eventually you will get error messages (when your webhost upgrades your server).

However, you do not want to update your theme folder unless you wish to use Indexhibit in it's most default form. If you have made any updates to templates or CSS then be sure to back them up and do not update those folders.

Additionally, because of the new mobile format you must update the root index.php if you wish to make use of it.

A few files have been removed from the plugins folder which is worth making note of:

- plugin.expanding_menus.php - this is now redundant. It was replaced years ago with Indexpand. If you were using the old expanding menus you can simply switch to Indexpand and setup options for it.

- plugin.ndxz_movement.php - this plugin had it's time and place in 2006 but I don't think it's necessary any more. Remove it from your template.

- plugin.ie_layout.php - again, this is really out-of-date. If you are using it in your template simply remove it - it's completely unnecessary now.

And some addititions to the plugins folder which are also worth noting:

- plugin.change_maxsize.php - you can enable this in Plugins. This allows you to increase the upload size for images. Don't go too far - an image that is too large could crash your server (nothing we can do about that).

- plugin.mobile_ready.php - once you are all updated to v2.1 (or greater) you can enable this plugin to have a site that works better on a mobile phone (it's essentially the Over Over format).

I'm searching for a better way to deal with update information. I too wish we had an auto-update button but that is alot of work. Maybe in the future...

Have fun and be safe on the rest of your holidays!


PS: Note, v2.1.1 will be released within the next week which deals with a few bugs I've recently discovered. I'll post again with more information at that time.

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