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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

I am hanging around the forum more than usual lately to see how things are going with v2.1 and so far it's pretty good. Of course, upgrading a site is not as effortless as I wish it could be - and I don't forsee a time when Indexhibit has some kind of auto-upgrade button (it's alot of work).

I have been finding some important bugs as things progress around newer versions of PHP. These are a couple things that will be coming next week:

- reworked Statistics so they are not affected by adblocking. This is a substantial change and I'll certainly post more info when I put out the release. Indexhibit statistics are only meant to be rudimentary - they will never be better than Google Analytics (but even GA gets block by adblock).

- I found small bugs in Slideshow and Visual Index Overlay. You might not have even noticed but on my test server it was loud and clear.

- I put Assets back in Admin.

- Caching isn't really working well enough - expect some small changes.

- And a few other small bug fixes.

I don't want to be making big changes with each release but I do want to get things to be stable.

If you were thinking about upgrading you might wait until v2.1.2 is released towards the middle of next week. I think the bigger changes will all be completed with that release.


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