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A Quick Update v2.1.3

Sunday, 15 January 2017

I'm still catching up on the little things - here's a list of v2.1.3. updates:

- Updated /ndxzsite/plugin/plugin.new_statistics.php (referrer issue)
- Updated /ndxzstudio/system/index.php (small object bug)
- Updated /ndxzstudio/system/files.php (mobile theme selection)
- Updated /ndxzstudio/exhibits/files.php (mobile format selection)
- Updated /ndxzstudio/lib/hooks.php (incorrect variable type)
- Updated sorting for upgrades - now you should get the correct version number
- Updated /ndxzsite/default/style.css for the "New" indicator


You simply only need to reupload the /ndxzstudio folder (backup first!). And then click on the upgrade link inside the studio.

Reupload /ndxzsite/plugin/plugin.new_statistics.php
Reupload /ndxzsite/default/style.css if you use the "New" indicator or apply the update to whatever theme you might be using (I've commented where it exists in the file).

I've had a bunch of nice email recently - I really appreciate the support. Thank you!

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