Cookies and Privacy Policy

Cookies and Privacy Policy

In accordance with GDPR, today we updated our cookies and Privacy Policy.

We believe that GDPR is a great step forward on the net. Long overdue and let's hope it puts those awful social media companies in their place. We are not their product!

We aren't big fans of legal jargon either, so I'll recap what it says.

- we use cookies around the site for access to downloading files and the forum

- we do store very basic information about you on our servers
-- name
-- forum nickname
-- email address
-- encrypted password
-- preferences for the site
-- purchase information (if you purchased before 2015)
-- your posts to our forum
-- last login date
-- if you wish to receive newsletters (we've sent only three in 12 years now)

- we DO NOT sell or share your information with any third parties

- we respect your privacy and you have the following rights
-- right to refuse signing up to our site (but services will not work)
-- right to edit your information
-- right to obtain a record of your stored information
-- right to delete your account and all information

I would like to reiterate, because it seems alot of people have forgotten this fact, does not control your website. When you install Indexhibit you are independent from our servers. The images and text, etc., that you put on your website are your own property. Your website is your responsibility.

Now, regarding your website, there are three things you should know regarding your Indexhibit installation (assuming you are using the most current version):

1 - your site does not create any cookies for visitors.

2 - your site does track non-personally identifying IP addresses for making statistics (if you have them enabled). Note: if you are using Google Analytics they are using cookies on your behalf.

3 - your site does create login cookies for you to access the studio.

If you wish to create an imprint on your site with a cookie/privacy policy you should be aware of this information. However, GDPR is intended for larger online businesses (more than 250 people) - but it's now a good practice to make things clear.

I'm happy to answer questions and try make things more clear - send me a note at: support [at] indexhibit [dot] org