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3 year(s) ago
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Hello to all!
my site is
MONO * HELLO in section I directly link my tumblr account.
so far I could only get to enter the HELLO section MONO * address and clik gif that brings me to a new tab appears with my tumblr.
what would happen is that when clik the title directly from MONO * HELLO section.
I was looking in the forum but nothing has given me results.
I appreciate your help!
thank you very much!

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3 year(s) ago
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I'm trying to understand the question - as far as I can tell you want a section exhibit to be a link that opens your blog in a new tab.
Unfortunately this cannot be achieved easily in the Legacy version of indexhibit - however it's fairly easy in Version 2 as you just create an exhibit link (check the demo)

p.s.1 I like the idea behind your project... :-)
p.s.2 ask your host to redirect to as currently does not function properly.

2 year(s) ago
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hey ansondpi!
thanks! i'm very happy that you like my proyect!
but i don't understand what you mean whit " ask your host to redirect to as currently does not function properly"
sorry but mi language is spanish i'm not very good expressing myself in english.
thanks for your time and help!

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