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Upgrade to v2.1.5

Thursday, 8 February 2018

A serious security vulnerability was discovered (and already patched) and everybody is advised to update to version 2.1.5 as soon as possible. The vulnerability allows hackers the ability to insert things into your database (yes, very serious).

You can utilize this website to see if you have been hacked:

You can download Indexhibit by logging into your account and going to your profile page here. Or, you can access the most up-to-date code at our Github.

Indexhibit is a free project and does not cost anything to use, update, download, etc.

We have provided information about upgrading in the Tutorials section at our site. If you are unable to upgrade you might simply consider re-installing your site. I will be available a bit more than usual in the forum in the coming weeks to try to answer questions.

If you have built Indexhibit sites for clients or have friends who you have installed - these people might not be in our database - please contact them and let them know.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may cause for you, but it is imperative that you update or re-install your site.

Kind regards and happy 2018!


PS: I am looking for a volunteer security research person to help look into the matter further - send me an email please.

Indexhibit v2.1.5

Sunday, 14 January 2018


I just pushed out the code for Indexhibit v2.1.5. Let's just get right to it - what's inside?

- fixed index links not loading *
- fixed pseudo links in style.css
- fixed a small bug with upgrade utility
- fixed password retrieval and transmit functions
- general adjustments related to collect module
- removed backward compatibility in all classes
- enabled tagging for exhibits
- enabled subsections (turn on via /ndxzsite/config/options.php)

* iframes no longer reliably work with https because of cross-site scripting rules. If you are trying to link to an https besides your own site you may need to rethink the link.

Collect Module?

This is really a completely different news entry, so I'll just say that it was conceptually a way to take Indexhibit from being a purely (theoretically speaking) vertical system to one that could also be horizontal facing at the same time. Unfortunately, it was so much work at the time.

The first collect module is a simple Journal/Log system. It's still experimental so I'm releasing it from my own website. You can get the full details here.


Happy 2018

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

It's 2018 and we're still here!

Things, albeit slow per the obvious, are alive and well here at Indexhibit HQ (which isn't a real location just an idea in your mind). I just wanted to wish you a great 2018 from myself and Eatock and let you know that some minor updates will be forthcoming within the next couple of weeks. I will post more about that when it happens.


10 Years of Indexhibit

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Our first meeting for Indexhibit took place in a chocolate shop in Brussels around October 2006. At the time it did not have a name and I usually referred to it as the 'drawer project' (that was the intial working analogy in my mind). I had been building Indexhibit for some months before that already. I don’t think we had any idea that it might still be around 10 years later.

Ultimately, Indexhibit was released about March-April of 2007. I still remember the first users who popped up in the forum and in email. I'm still friends with some of them. The internet was such a different place than it is now - a place where most of us were excited for and cared about open ideas and systems.

Indexhibit wasn’t a startup. It wasn’t created to make money. It wasn’t created to build a sellable database or to fulfill some marketing strategy. It was made to be useful, to fulfill an idea. It was, and still wants to be, an art project. Beyond that, in the beginning, there was no plan.

I’m sorry I haven’t had time to do anything more fun for the anniversary, but if you have any good thoughts or notes to send about Indexhibit maybe I’ll post some of these. Send to: studio at vaska dot com.

If you’ve been around 10 years or even if you are quite new to Indexhibit, thanks for hanging in there, thanks for using it and hopefully loving it as much as is possible. Let’s hope there are another 10 years left in this project.

Kind Regards

What does Indexhibit Cost?

Thursday, 16 March 2017

I get this question quite alot and the answer is very simple.

Indexhibit is free. Register and download from the website.

Support is provided by the community.

Indexhibit is no longer a business - it just didn't work out. I try to help out as I can and I am keeping things updated at the moment.


Version 2.1.4

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Hi Folks:

Just to let you know that version 2.1.4 was just released. This is just a small update but here are the particulars:

- fixed the installation script
- updated /ndxzsite/js/jquery.ndxzbox.js - variable check
- updated /ndxzsite/plugin/ - fixed titles bug

If you are a new installation or upgrading this version will work better.

I have a small amount of non-critical bugs on my plate but I don't forsee pushing out any updates for another month at the soonest.

Kind Regards