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What does Indexhibit Cost?

Thursday, 16 March 2017

I get this question quite alot and the answer is very simple.

Indexhibit is free. Register and download from the website.

Support is provided by the community.

Indexhibit is no longer a business - it just didn't work out. I try to help out as I can and I am keeping things updated at the moment.


Version 2.1.4

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Hi Folks:

Just to let you know that version 2.1.4 was just released. This is just a small update but here are the particulars:

- fixed the installation script
- updated /ndxzsite/js/jquery.ndxzbox.js - variable check
- updated /ndxzsite/plugin/ - fixed titles bug

If you are a new installation or upgrading this version will work better.

I have a small amount of non-critical bugs on my plate but I don't forsee pushing out any updates for another month at the soonest.

Kind Regards

A Quick Update v2.1.3

Sunday, 15 January 2017

I'm still catching up on the little things - here's a list of v2.1.3. updates:

- Updated /ndxzsite/plugin/plugin.new_statistics.php (referrer issue)
- Updated /ndxzstudio/system/index.php (small object bug)
- Updated /ndxzstudio/system/files.php (mobile theme selection)
- Updated /ndxzstudio/exhibits/files.php (mobile format selection)
- Updated /ndxzstudio/lib/hooks.php (incorrect variable type)
- Updated sorting for upgrades - now you should get the correct version number
- Updated /ndxzsite/default/style.css for the "New" indicator


You simply only need to reupload the /ndxzstudio folder (backup first!). And then click on the upgrade link inside the studio.

Reupload /ndxzsite/plugin/plugin.new_statistics.php
Reupload /ndxzsite/default/style.css if you use the "New" indicator or apply the update to whatever theme you might be using (I've commented where it exists in the file).

I've had a bunch of nice email recently - I really appreciate the support. Thank you!

Tips for Upgrading

Friday, 13 January 2017

Believe it or not I get totally stressed out with regards to you guys upgrading your sites. I don't want it to be difficult or worse, see you ruin a perfectly good site. I wish the upgrade process was easier but we have what we have for now.

These are some things you can do before you upgrade a site:

1. Are you running PHP 5.4 or greater? You need this. PHP changed in version 5.4 and we had to write code a little differently to accommodate. Your webhost very likely has the pieces in plan to upgrade your server. For some perspective, PHP 5.3 is nearly 10 years old - if you don't update your server today you may very well need to update tomorrow.

2. Backup your site. Now. Did you do it? Do it before you do anything else. Failure to do this could result in the loss of your site. It's also simply a good habit with regards to your work.

3. Read our news stream. Read any notes around the download link (people already keep missing that it says PHP 5.4 is required). Read the upgrade instructions. Look at the threads at the top of the forum (same questions over and over). There is good information.

4. If you have any good ideas or information about upgrading send them my way - I'd love to make this easier.

5. When you get a little stressed, take a break, then come back and see if things make a little more sense.

That's it! I hope things go well...


New Update

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Hi Folks:

Today I pushed out version 2.1.2.

I think most people don't rely on Indexhibit statistics. They were always meant to be rudimentary and Google Analytics simply kills in this area. But, with adblocking, statistics do not always work (which includes GA, too). Indexhibit can track page hits without javascript so I went ahead and made that change. Perhaps, they will be a little more useful now.

Your old statistics script will not work. Disable standard statistics and enable New Statistics via the plugins section. If you are upgrading, you will need to replace root /index.php of your site, as well.

This is a list of things that were worked on for this release:

- added New Statistics plugin
- added site password to core plugins
- added Assets control panel back
- added cache folder (sorry!)
- updated "New" indicator for index
- fixed small bug in overlay (visual index)
- fixed small display but in Slideshow
- fixed bug in upgrade system
- fixed style plugin for mobile
- fixed caching (and for mobile too)
- fixed bug for inserting link email

What's next?

Indexhibit is now on Github. I hope we find some contributors who can help make the core better (right now it's the most important thing). I am planning to put out an update every three or four months at our website.

At my website I will be releasing a variety of themes, plugins and a little more in the coming months. These are not core Indexhibit and I'm doing this for fun!

There is more, but this note is long enough...stay tuned!


Regarding Updates

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

I am hanging around the forum more than usual lately to see how things are going with v2.1 and so far it's pretty good. Of course, upgrading a site is not as effortless as I wish it could be - and I don't forsee a time when Indexhibit has some kind of auto-upgrade button (it's alot of work).

I have been finding some important bugs as things progress around newer versions of PHP. These are a couple things that will be coming next week:

- reworked Statistics so they are not affected by adblocking. This is a substantial change and I'll certainly post more info when I put out the release. Indexhibit statistics are only meant to be rudimentary - they will never be better than Google Analytics (but even GA gets block by adblock).

- I found small bugs in Slideshow and Visual Index Overlay. You might not have even noticed but on my test server it was loud and clear.

- I put Assets back in Admin.

- Caching isn't really working well enough - expect some small changes.

- And a few other small bug fixes.

I don't want to be making big changes with each release but I do want to get things to be stable.

If you were thinking about upgrading you might wait until v2.1.2 is released towards the middle of next week. I think the bigger changes will all be completed with that release.