Please Donate

I want to thank everybody who has reached out and hired me for small projects. I can't do all of them, but I've tried to do as many as I could. I've been surprised how old many of these Indexhibit websites are - so many of them started more than ten years ago. Indexhibit slo jams, I guess.

However, I can count the number of actual donations during this time on one hand. For every person who contacted me, I can only guess how many other people are out there getting updates, using info from the website, etc. I'm not going to do a newsletter, I'm not going to do a PR campaign - please support the independent internet and donate.



PHP 8 and News

Update to PHP 8

Yesterday, I was finally able to put out an update that works properly with PHP 8. If you are currently using version 2.1.6 or greater and your site is working fine, you are OK for the moment. If your site isn’t working right because your host has forced you to PHP 8, it is time to upgrade. Note: many hosts allow you to remain on PHP 7 for the moment, but I don’t believe this will last very long (and I have zero control over the PHP Foundation or your webhost).

Remember to always back-up your site before you upgrade. There are instructions for upgrading in the help section in Tutorials.

Hacked Sites

A few years ago I upgraded Indexhibit because a vulnerability was discovered in the install file (and if you had not deleted it per our instructions). Do you remember the newsletter I sent about this (yes, I know, we all hate newsletters)? If you didn’t delete the install file, somebody could reset your database connection.

Have no fear - all your data are safe.

The easiest way to resolve this is to edit your /ndxzsite/config/config.php file with the proper database connection information. If you have no idea what that means then you should contact somebody for help (you can find my contact for paid help with this if you wish - I will also upgrade you to PHP 8 if your webhost is setup for that).

(Here we go again - stop emailing me for free help. I am miserable with these emails (for 15 years)! I deserve some boundaries. A free CMS for a decade isn't enough? My rate is 60 euros/hour and most things take just an hour. All free help and zero donations - this needs to stop now.)

With the latest version, I have installed an upgraded alert system for news and new versions. But, to be honest, if you only check your website or this website every three years, it probably won't help. I suggest trying to visit this website bi-annually.


Remember that Indexhibit is not a startup or some funded company - it’s just me. I have kept Indexhibit updated for 15 years now as best as I can. I would like to do more - I would love to write an entirely new Indexhibit v3 but I need your help.

Please donate.

Many thanks

PS: Soon I will be posting a news item about the state of Indexhibit (and myself).