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Splash Page Link Problem


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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2 year(s) ago
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Hi Guys,

I'm struggling with my splash page linkage to my site, I ask if anybody can help me with this please.

I have my site on a sub-directory for now(, and I have mod_rewrite enabled, and I'm using clean urls, so the url above would be… if the clean urls weren't activated.

My splash page is working and so are all of the test links I made except for one, the link to enter the site (my portfolio section, a visual index of the projects).

I made also two test links for projects, and also one test link for the about section of my site and they work. The link to enter my site is linking to the splash page, and I can't seem to link it to the site's initial page.

After following the instructions for the instalation (uploading the plugin.splash.php, the splash.php and the splash.css to the respective folders, and enabling templates on my admin > settings), on the indexhibit interface, I created a section called "splash page section test" that would become my splash page, I've inserted the links I mentioned above, on the text field, I choose the "no show format" and selected splash.php in page options.

When I inserted the links, on the text field, the way to link to enter the site was, to link it to "main" (this will go to my "root" or to my temporary sub-directory where I'm developing the site if you prefer).

The thing is, that on my section called "splash page section test" (my actual splash page), on page options, I had to turn on the "make main page" or else my splash page doesn't appear at all... but that makes it to link to herself and not to enter the site as I would like...

What am I doing wrong? What am I missing here? How can I solve this?

I've searched the forum and I've seen people discussing the existence of an index.html file together with the index.php on the root directory, and renaming files... but I didn't understood how this would work.

Also, if I'm creating my splash page with the indexhibit interface (by creating a section, choosing a format, etc), what would that index.html file have? Or, are these two diferent ways of making a splash page?

Please guys, can anybody help?

Thanks in advance!

2 year(s) ago
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Can anyone give me a litle help on this?


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