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Problem about icc profile suppression by indexhibit


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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3 month(s) ago
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I'm new to indexhibit, I'm photographer, and building a website for a friend.

I think I saw a very trouble thing which is the suppression of the icc profile embeded when uploading pictures.
The engine which seems also compressing the picture suppress the embeded profile.

As a pro photographer, I'm well informed about color management, and issues.

The normal thing we do, due to a not harmonized management of icc profiles on browsers, we usually embed the srgb1966 profile. For the browsers that recognize it (more and more now), no problem (with calibrated screens). For browsers that doesn't regnize it, they tend to be close as srgb for every profiles embeded in the picture.

The problem is different when there is no embeded profile (or if the profile is erased). The application (or here the browser) doesn't know what is the profile employed, and lot of browsers tends to use instead of srgb, the monitor profile. But every monitor profile is different, as they all use differents primary of colors.

So each time images are shown, on screen, even with perfectly calibrated screen, and color managed browser, they will differ from another configuration/user.

In my case, I can really see large shifts of colors, cause I use a wide gamut monitor, which has primaries RGB very far from each others. If I see srgb image with the assigned profile of my screen, there is a large shift.

I made a capture here :…

And another of the problem itself :…

I saw exactly the same problem by downloading some pictures from other indexhibit websites, of course, I tested on a few ones.

I hope you can take this into consideration, I think it would be very helpfull for a lot of people working with pictures, photographer, designer, creatives, artists, etc.



Vaska A
3 month(s) ago
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This has been an issue for years. Most people, including many photographers, have been ok with the color shift.

I wish I had the funds to fix everything. We had to struggle for years with the GD library which is clearly problematic. Earlier this year we did some experiments with Imagick and still were having subtle color shifts. We don't control the server environment - we aren't a hosted service. This is one area where hosted beats self installation...

Indexhibit is a free, diy project that doesn't have any kind of funding. If somebody has a working solution please contribute.

Thanks for this explanation - I understand the problem much more clearly now, as well. ;)

3 month(s) ago
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Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, if I have myself a bit of experience in css/html, I don't have any experience in php and server environnement, I can't provide any solution.
The only solution I see, would be to bypass the problem and reupload files directly on the server. But if it works for me, it's gonna be more complicated for non advanced users.

For info, I see the same behaviour on Chrome/firefox/opera on W10.

As you know I'm sure, indexhibit is well appreciated by artists, photographers, designers, as an efficient, clean, minimal cms, for whom who want to show images of their work.
I think it could bring a strong value for indexhibit to resolve this problem.

Of course, I understand this is a free project, thanks for you work and the time spent, your cms is a great value for lot of people I know.

Vaska A
3 month(s) ago
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People have done that in the past - upload the images directly. I only advise this if they know exactly what they are doing. It could complicate things later.

The problem is a hosting issue - we only can do so much. Imagick works better than GD but not 100% of the time. Additionally, Imagick is not always available via PHP or even command line (which is a rather ugly way to deal with things). Even if I had *the* solution it would not work 100% of the time for people.

I can't say much right now, but I'm working on something new that I hope can solve the problem - it's not a self hosted Indexhibit though.


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