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Daniel Eatock at Kemistry Gallery


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Vaska A
10 year(s) ago
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From the Kemistry press release:

Kemistry Gallery

Daniel Eatock – Editions & Originals
16 November 2007 – 12 January 2008
Private View – 15 November

Kemistry Gallery is delighted to announce the first solo show by Daniel Eatock. Entitled ‘Editions & Originals’ the show presents a collection of works and ideas in a multitude of permutations, all linked by the belief in concept first.

Eatock is interested in connections between image and language, titles, punch lines, miscommunication, subversions, open systems, contributions from others, seriality, collections, discovery and inventing. Eatock makes conceptual things that are resolved in a reductive, logical and objective way, and is especially interested in the connection of the start and end points of a hand drawn circle.

Eatock’s work responds to personal fascinations and the desire to invent, discover and present. From an edition of prints made using every colour Pantone felt-tip pen, to the ongoing Channel 4’s Big Brother identity, all work is unified in its conceptual, reductive, rational attempt at forming an answer or a conclusion. The simple notion that work made without a brief is ‘art’ and work made in response to a brief is ‘design’, does not fit, art and design cross, merge and collide challenging preconceptions from each respective discipline.

Kemistry Gallery
Daniel Eatock

10 year(s) ago
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From creative review:

The first thing you notice on entering the show is what a wide range of physical objects are on display – framed artworks, overprinted lithoprints, a variety of 3d objects and photographic images and more. The right-hand wall of the gallery has been wallpapered using multiple copies of the eight printed posters Eatock has produced for the exhibition and which show and caption all the work that’s actually in the gallery on the other walls and on a table in the middle of the space.

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