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switching form wordpress to indexhibit; database?


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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I'm changing my site from wordpress to indexhibit. Since I'm doing this bit by bit, I'd like to be able to keep the wordpress site up, then switch to indexhibit once I have it up.

I asked my host (laughing squid) about doing this, and they recommended installing indexhibit under /newdir. (Is this going to cause me problems later? Is there a better solution? Should I just bite the bullet and erase all the wordpress stuff?)

Part of the deletion of the wordpress is to delete the associated database; when I asked if I would need a database for indexhibit, they told me to ask indexhibit. I'm guessing I do (but don't really know the relationship of the database to the FTP file system, since that's all I've used in the past). What should I name it? How do I link it up to whatever is necessary?

Hope this makes sense...
Thank you....

4 year(s) ago
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First of all before you do anything radical backup everything in your server - including the current database...

There's many ways to do this.
Of course you can install indexhibit in a subfolder or a subdomain.
Then when you're ready you can move the indexhibit files/folders to the root directory of your server and then delete your old site along with its database.

If that sounds too much work, you can delete everything that's currently in your server and start from scratch.

To install Indexhibit simply follow the Installation in the Help section on the left.
There's a step-by-step movie and a long, written version to help you out...
It's not that hard, but if you get stuck the forum is here to get the answers you're after.


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