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Indexhibit version: 2.0
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2 year(s) ago
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Hi! I am kind of new with Indexhibit and I've been setting up my website for a couple of weeks... finally it comes to a point where I dont know anymore how to accomplish a few things on my website - link here :

I have all my projects in the Slideshow format - i have already checked in the forum so please excuse me if there were some answers already I couldn't find!

1.- Is there a way to fix the height of the images or shall I just customize them in Photoshop and show them in "real size" in the slideshow?

2.- How can I edit de numbers (1 of X) that appear right by the prev/next buttons? I have seen sites of the previous indexhibit where the number appears after the buttons (not before). Plus, they dont work... do I have to activate something? (ps. i know basicly nothing about .php)

3.- Also, it also appears when the pictures are moving from one to another, on top of the picture itself, de number 1/x, 2/x... and so on. How can I remove that?

I think that is all about slideshow... thank you very much in advance!!!

2 year(s) ago
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Hi again... any help with this will be highly appreciated... anybody knows how to solve it? thanks thanks thanks :)

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