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Indexhibit was updated to version 2.1.5 on January 14th, 2018.

I changed the password on Preferences and can't log in again. Problems with Admin Panel.


Indexhibit version: 2.0
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12 month(s) ago
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Hi there,

hope all is fine

I have 2 main issue going on with my Indexhibit, I will be looking forward to your help as soon as possible.

1. A server guy uploaded the new version of Indexhibit, all worked fine. ( my web site is )

2. I have changed the Password on Preferences section, I confirmed the password but can not login into Indexhibit after that. The login name was ''admin'' and I did not change it.

3. On ''User'' section in admin panel, before I also changed the login name. The user name was my name and surname ( Engin Tulay ) and I only changed the login name there. After that, I lost the admin panel totally.

4. Indexhibit tried to retrieve my password and username by e-mail when attempted to log in many times; but this e-mail never arrived.

Please help me to solve those issues, especially to log in to my indexhibit and having my admin panel back.

I am not familiar with web design area, so please try to explain things like you are talking to 5 years old child; thank you for your understanding.

Thank you very much in advance, I am looking forward to your help.


12 month(s) ago
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similar problem, waiting for an email to reset password for /indxzstudio/, but it won't arrive.
Would appreciate any leads to log in again, many thanks!

1 month(s) ago
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I have the same problem. Every time i change the password, i can't log in again with the new data, so i need to go back to the default username and password with the password reset plugin. and then again, when i change it, i can't log in. the only possibility right now is using the default login data.
+ admin panel is missing as well

I would appreciate some help, because repeating the same procedure the whole time doesn't help me at all...

Vaska A
1 month(s) ago
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Something isn't right with the database - things aren't being saved. Or, your host implemented mod_security rules that are preventing things from functioning properly.

1. Ask your host if they are using mod_security and if they could disable it.

2. Check privileges on your database (your host provides these tools). In some cases I have seen hosts where the database user becomes corrupt and you have to create a new one, apply it to the database and then update your config.php.

There are already other threads around here on these same approaches for more info.


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