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yet another @font face question


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10 month(s) ago
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really sorry for asking a millionth @font face question as there's tons of information on this out there, but everything i tried just doesn't seem to work...

the site i'm trying to do is

  1. the code i use for @font face rule is
  2. @font-face {
  3.  font-family: 'Pano';
  4.  font-style: normal;
  5.  font-weight: normal;
  6.  src: url(files/fonts/hw_pano_light_trial-webfont.woff) format('woff');
  7.     }

the full url for the font i'm trying to use is:…

i've tried to place the code either at the very beginning of the style.css, in body {}, in the middle or close to the end of style.css and nothing happens.

if someone could point out what i'm missing on, i wold really appreciate the input.
thanks a million!
& good vibes, R

7 month(s) ago
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I tried something similar and what worked for me was typing in the full www. URL in the source. For some reason it doesn't display correctly when you point to a local source. Try that and see if it works.

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