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Transparent Index (Menu)


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Hi there,

Big fan of indexhibit, making my 2nd site with it now. But I'm having trouble with some thing, but one at a time.

1st thing is the Index (or menu), I want it to be semi-transparent, like 80% opacity. But when I try things with opacity it also affects the text, and I want it to affect only the background color of the index!

I found some old threads, but I couldn't find one that was relevant to me, but maybe I have overlooked one. If so, I'm sorry.

This is what I have now (and doesn't work):

  1. #index {
  2. background: transparent;
  3. width: 215px;
  4. /* line-height: 1.3em; */ }

background-color: #fff;
opacity: 0.5; }

Probably really really wrong, but I'm learning. I hope...


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